Friday, July 4, 2008

Randy took vacation time this week, one reason there has been no post. We decided to get some of the unfinished projects on the house finished. The most dreaded was finishing the soffits on the west side. Chara had to work till noon, her only job when she got back seemed to be squirting everyone with ice water out of her " Super Soak-er."She is so helpful.

As you can see the roof line is pretty far up there. We had only one ladder tall enough, so they backed up the dump truck and put the other ladder in the back. Southern ingenuity at it's best going on here. They then ran a board through the top rungs to make a scaffolding. Between the two of them there was over 500 pounds on that board, they were scaring me. They got over half of it up. Next I get to paint. The debate is still going on over the color. If anyone is bored you can come help me paint!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Fortney family came out Sunday afternoon to ride horses and trim some hoofs.

Stephanie just got this 2 yr. old. She is going to break and train her. She is very gentle.

Randy trimmed hoofs. This is Penny we have had her for 9 yrs. She was Chara's first big horse.

This is Elvis standing under the tree.
Chara and Roper.

Poncho and Lefty.