Monday, March 31, 2008

Roping the Wind

Chara has decided she wants to learn to rope. She has been roping a dummy calf for a few months and has been training her horse. Chas has an arena at his house and told her she could come and rope anytime she wanted, he would just have to plow it. So we went Sunday after church. Chas just about had it all plowed and he put us to work pulling sticker weeds. When that was done he got her a real calf to rope, she was excited.
She missed several times then started getting the hang of it. I learned how to run the chute the calf comes out of.
WAHOO she got him, she was a happy camper. We did this for hours. It got Chas in the mood to start roping again. He was a huge help to her, giving a lot of instruction. I appreciate him putting forth so much of his time and effort. I now know where my Sunday afternoons will be spent. I need to get some boots, flip flops aren't going to cut it.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Move It Move It

My people put in a hard days work today. We built a fence a few weeks ago and have had to open yet another gate to get to the house. Today we installed a cattle guard. This is my new cattle guard, I feel gardening coming on.
This is going to be my new Junk shed. All the tools that have been living on the porch are moving out there. YES
We picked up the old tack shed from the other house.
And we hauled it to the new place.
Chara is excited to get all the horse gear back in one place. No more saddles in the house entry way. It is a good feeling to be getting things back in order. It's been a few years in the making.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The " Have tools will travel girls"
Becca Jo "The Riveter"
" Antwon Savage "
"Bob the Builder"
Roy does not get a name, I'm not sure he was helping.
View from soon to be porch.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting the rest of the walls up.
We are ready for the rafters.
We bought the rafters pre made. We had a lot of help from friends getting those things up there. It was pretty impressive.
Those friends stayed until the decking was down.
Lots of decking.
They were troopers, they finished just as it got dark. Great friends. Good times.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Building Start, May 2004

Since we have been working on getting the house finished I thought I would post some of the construction pictures.In the beginning there were just concret blocks. We thought " We will have a house in about 7 months"
This is the walls going up. Randy and the kids worked so hard building our house.
This is Chara, she learned how to operate every power tool that was used in building the house.

I plan on doing a series of the construction pictures, I'm taking myself down memory lane.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Paint Debate ???

I have been very busy working on our house and haven't had time to post, this spring weather has us working like little bee's. Which brings me to this post. We are having a debate on the color to paint the house. The colors have been agreed upon, but which color goes where has not. So I would like some input.
The roof is a red metal roof, so that is set, and the doors will all be red. Should the house be the cream or the green. If cream, should the trim be green or black? If the house is green , should the trim be cream or black? I also have a large porch, 80ft. long, with several pieces of porch furniture, also to be painted. I'm thinking green house, red door, cream trim, red and black furniture, what do ya think?

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Fence

Yesterday my family spent the day building the long awaited fence. We have been in this house for over 2 years and have shared the yard with the horses. I love flowers and gardening, but have not been able. So I settled for growing a few things in pots on my porch. I would pull them out into the sun of a morning and then back so the horses wouldn't eat them. As you can see from the photo it didn't stop Penny, she couldn't resist those dark purple petunias, they were the first to go, everything else followed. Penny is like a big dog, she follows you around until you pet her. Hope she doesn't want to become a lap dog. I took pictures of them building fence yesterday and wanted to post them, but can't find them in my program. There are thousands of pic.'s in this computer. I need to figure out how to organize them, I spent hours on here trying to find what I want. I think I need my own personal Tech. Support. Any takers?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rocking Chair

I bought this rocking chair at a garage sale for 5 bucks. With a little paint and fabric it went from junk to junque. (That's fancy junk) I enjoy taking things that are no longer useful or lovely and making them lovely again. This is my first attempt at posting pic.s. It took me 2 days to figure it out, I think I may be related to Ashleys grandma.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I painted furniture today, it was beautiful outside. I must learn to post pictures, to show my before and after junk. I so enjoyed being outside today, some of the trees are starting to bud out. It makes my heart lighter. I love to watch things grow. Ah! Spring is near.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am off on an adventure, I am allowing my daughter Bre to be my diet guru, and personal physical trainer. I am looking forward to the results, and spending more time with her, it should be INTERESTING to say the least.
I started this blog on the same day as my adventure began. I feel that if it's out there for the world to see I can't quit. LOL So, those who know me , if I'm crankier than usual you will understand, and pray for Bre !!!!!!!!!!!!