Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ah Shucks!!!!!!!

Chara's competition was last night, this is a pic. of the ten finalists practicing to sing amazing grace together. They only ran through it a few times, each person had a solo line. The lady who helped them was awesome, she knew her stuff.
Chara performing, She sang " Johnny and June" did a great job. She did not place in the top 3, but we thought she was the best. Well really good anyway.
These are The Sweet Adelines they were one of the sponsors of the competition. Very entertaining, for a bunch of old ladies.
My grand baby Cole, he came to cheer Chara on.
This is Chara's fan. She asked for her autograph. At least she has 1 fan. LOL Even though she did not win it was an enjoyable evening. Thank you to all of you who came to show her your support.


Course of Perfection said...

I was wondering how that turned out. Glad you posted. Bummer Chara didn't win, but good to hear you guys enjoyed it.

That grand baby of yours looks like him Daddy!

Dawn said...

She'll always place the best with us, so sad we missed it

Half Pint said...

I don't like audience voting. I think had it been all judge vote Cara would have won. We just didn't have enough peeps with us.

Buck said...

Ah, too bad Chara didn't win it all. She certainly is a glamorous young lady, though... that much is plain to see. And with fans, too!

My step-mother is till active in her chapter of the Sweet Adelines, at age 80+. It's quite the organization.

Bag Blog said...

Chara is so very talented and beautiful. I think she should have won too!

Junk Diva said...

COP: Thank you, and yes he does look like his daddy, I don't see Keli at all when I look at him.

Dawn: Sorry you missed it too, and thanks.

Keli: Oh well, it was fun anyway.

Buck: Glamorous??? Nah!!! She does clean up nice though. Thanks anyway, Yes, she has 1 fan. LOL The Sweet Adelines were great, and very pleasant to work with.

Lou: Thank you. Had you been there to vote I'm sure that would have put her over the top.