Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back to Junk!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember the dresser and bed I posted a few weeks ago. Well I finally got pic.s of the finished projects.This is the bench made from the bed, I painted it yellow and distressed it hard. The dresser mirror was removed, shelves added, and painted black, and we added new hardware. It is now a hutch.

The white cabinet I bought at a garage sale years ago. It was a work area in a old mans garage, covered in grease. I bought it and the hanging cabinet for $10. Scrubbed it up and painted it. We used this for years in the old trailer for storage. We don't need it now, so a fresh coat of paint and she is out of here. The table and chairs also came from a garage sale, I Painted them black.

This is Cole's new glasses, they make him look so old. Not a baby any more.


Sea-gal said...

Ya done good! Since I saw the "junk" in person I can say that with authority! And Cole is SO handsome with his new glasses and they do make his baby looks go away..:(

Course of Perfection said...

You work miracles with that junk! I'm always amazed.

Yes, Cole looks much older with his glasses. Does he like them? Colt doesn't really like his...until he really wants to see.

Skybag said...

Nice junk, and might I say, what an exceptional grandson you have!

Becky said...

Great job on the junk! I love the bed bench.

Buck said...

Really... you DO have a way with "stuff," Diva. Nice work!

And Cole is quite the handsome young man.

Junk Diva said...

C-Gal: Thanks for helping me with it, I enjoyed spending the day with you.

COP: Thanks, and he likes them at the moment, it's still new.

Skybag: Thanks, and yes he is!!

Becky: Thanks

Buck: Thank you, not everyone can be a Junk Diva. And yes he is quite the guy.

Bag Blog said...

You done good! How is that chandlier?